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Here is what some of them say about me and our services at Tomislav Glogovac Online Consulting.

Tomislav is not only a great marketer but also an inspiring person. He is dedicated and goal oriented strategist that cannot be overestimated. Tomislav makes the impossible possible. Highly recommended!

Richard Gillman Testimonial

Richard Gillman

Internet Entrepreneur giving business owners the edge over their competition by sending organic traffic to their website

I can recommend Tomislav as a person with profound knowledge and great skills of modern business solutions. I absolutely advise you to get him as an SEO for your business.

Veronica Lim Testimonial

Veronica Lim

Business Owner

Tomislav never refuses you when you ask him for help. He is an energetic and broad-minded internet marketer and a detail oriented team player. I would definitely recommend his services.

Caleb Rodgers Testimonial

Caleb Rodgers

Alaskan Made Internet Entrepreneur, I Grow Businesses by Sending Revenue Producing Online Traffic

Tomislav is the real deal when it comes to marketing for businesses online. He takes time to learn the needs and wants of the industry and then he delivers. Getting organic traffic from Google is not an easy task but he makes it easy and profitable for his clients. Great working with him and highly recommend.

Jenn Williams Testimonial

Jenn Williams

Owner of Video Digital Solution. We help businesses increase exposure by ranking on 1st Page of Google, Video Marketing

Working with Tomislav was a real pleasure. I found him to be someone with great expertise and deep understanding of online business management. He has provided powerful, knowledgeable and accountable SEO for various clients. Tomislav is excellent and result driven. I highly recommended him for your business.

Michael C Bond Testimonial

Michael C Bond

Internet Entrepreneur that Increases Organic Traffic for Businesses

Whether you are a brand new business or an established one and struggling to get on your feet, Tomislav is the right person to talk to. Years of experience in this industry made him what he is today, a professional marketer with dozens of successfully accomplished projects.

Daniel Ensing Testimonial

Daniel Ensing

Internet Entrepreneur - I help businesses get more traffic, leads & sales online using many different strategies.

It’s rare that you come across standout talent like Tomislav. I had the pleasure of working with him for couple of months, collaborating on several different projects. He is a professional, who knows his way around ranking websites in search engines and social media marketing. If you need someone to help you dominate search engines or to increase your exposure through social media, Tomislav is the right guy for you.

MedMarketing Online Testimonial

MedMarketing Online

Nationally recognized Online Marketing Authority, we elevate the Organic Traffic to websites growing business results

Ambitious and independent expert. He denotes a lot of analytical capability and willingness for both his personal & professional development. If your business needs more customers and online exposure, Tomislav is the right guy for you.

Umamaheswaran TG Testimonial

Umamaheswaran TG

Founder & CEO, Ulagellam Pvt Ltd

When it comes to creating videos and ranking them, I haven’t seen many better than Tomislav. During our work together, he was able to create and position our client’s video as the #1 in YouTube for given search term. That alone managed to double the number of leads our client was getting until then. If you need a video done and ranked, you have to speak to this guy.

Mubarak Said Testimonial

Mubarak Said

Sosiale medier manager som hjelper bedrifter med å vokse ved å bruke sosiale medier til å markedsføre

Tomislav is one of those guys that just knows his stuff. In the past little while he has become quite knowledgeable on many facets of Internet Marketing. I have watched him learn his craft and am always amazed at the new and clever things he comes up with. He is a real out of the box thinker that will go far in any industry he touches. I highly recommend Tomislav is you are looking to expand your business on the Internet.

Rebecca Holman Testimonial

Rebecca Holman

SEO That Powers Up Your Local Online Presence. I Help Small To Medium Sized Business Owners Get Their Phones Ringing.

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